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About Us

Equipping The Saints To Walk With Their Supernatural God!

When someone changes the direction they were heading by sincerely asking Jesus to forgive and save them, they are a brand new creature in Christ. That person will no longer be the same because the Holy Spirit has regenerated them by giving them a new heart and spirit. Everything changes including our identity. We have passed from death unto life, but not just any life, a supernatural one where our spirit is connected to God now; being made in His image.

Unfortunately, so many new believers have such a lack of understanding of what really happened to them that they end up settling for crumbs. Think about it!
You become someone brand new spiritually; in essence a spiritual baby that knows very little except that they know their destination has changed. We still live presently in a dark and corrupt world, but lack such incredible mind-blowing knowledge and understanding of what God has given us through His Son Jesus Christ.  
Many truly sincere believers we remain stuck in their lives for decades going through religious traditions of men to try harder to be better, be more moral and faithful. Of course those things in themselves are not bad, however, all we are doing is living in the natural world still while God wants us to seek Him and His kingdom with all our being!

Kingdom Wired is all about helping others get “unstuck” from the wrong mindset and discover your new identity, new mind and heart and live out the supernatural life that your Supernatural God has given you. Stop letting God’s enemy and yours  rob you blind of what really happened to you! Come and explore and apply who you really are so that God can blow your mind and turn your personal world into one that glorifies Him! When you do, God will use you to attract others to Himself because you are living the abundant life that He now gives to you!

Come join us and discover how to be “kingdom wired”.
God bless you!

David Courchesne (founder)
Todd Gordon (co-founder)